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Oleta Frances returns with an exclusive! Struggle Bus the EP. The R&B Soul novice takes you through

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

There isn't much to say other than radios PLAY THIS EP! Oleta Frances the Super soul R&B artist who made heads turns and ears twitch into her dominating debut single Struggle Bus arrives again with the whole collection on her first EP of the same name. Channelling such a dearly missed style of the genre The Berkshire singer and song writing empress does it again with an epic masterpiece. From the authentic rise from covering popular songs like Picky by Joey Montana and more to gaining support from national radio BBC Introducing, The Beat London 103.6FM and Illicit Grooves and Industry Mee and iLiveUK . We got another glimpse into the 5 track project from the main lady herself as she shares more on how the project grew, working on her art, her influences like heavyweight singers Amber Mark and Cleo Sol, her favourite track from her project and her perspective of her evolution as an artist. The confident and motivated UK room stopper also shines her wisdom for many out there looking up.

Stream the full EP. Also available online via Spotify and other platforms

1. Oleta, You’re back. You did a stunner with this EP. How does it feel to have your first ever 5-track project out there? Oleta: First of all, thank you so much for your support and taking the time to listen to my first EP! It honestly feels amazing to have my work out there, for everyone to hear. After nearly a decade of writer’s block, it honestly feels like a dream to finally overcome it and come out with five songs.

2. We see you whipping THE joints too. You got the title track on here and others like Never Gonna Hit Me Up, Times Flies and Feel the Vibe (our favourite jam). Set the scene for us, how was it forming the EP? Oleta: So, the EP itself is a series of songs that have been created through previous experiences – good and bad. I found it quite easy to structure my songs, as I was able to take myself back to the places where I lost and found myself. Once I was mentally, it became a lot easier to write my songs and make sure there was a purpose behind them.

3. The song writing on this is elite. Very authentic, transparent and it gives a potent tone to your EP debut. As a songwriter how did you approach each and what was it like working on the production side of the project? Oleta: Whilst creating my EP, I knew exactly what I was looking for, in terms of the production, sound and the vocals – it was just making sure that I could execute it and do each song justice. For example, ‘Never Gonna Hit Me Up’ took me around four months to write, purely because it was a different sound to the rest of the songs, and I needed to sit with it for a while, which was the best decision I made! It was also really refreshing to sit with my producer and make sure that the sound that I had in mind was accurately reflected, with influences from the likes of Amber Mark and Cleo Sol.

4. This is sweet. It may be difficult but what is your favourite song off the project and why? Oleta: It has to be ‘Never Gonna Hit Me Up’ As I mentioned, I sat on this song for such a long time, due to not knowing which direction I wanted it to go in. However, I came out of my comfort zone with this one and was still able to get my story across. If I was to be cheeky and add a top two, it would be closely followed by the Struggle Bus Interlude, as there are a lot of raw emotions within the song and was recorded in one take.

5. This is fabulous stuff and you’ve come a long way from your popular song covers to radio plays , performances and now the EP. How would you describe the journey so far all the way up to this moment? Oleta: One thing that I’ve done and will continue to do, is trust the process. It hasn’t been easy – especially with lockdown and the uncertainties that came with it, but I was consistent with my covers, and it’s led me to releasing five songs. I’ve managed to build a lot of confidence over lockdown too, due to performing on Instagram lives and constantly putting myself out there which has definitely put me in good steed for future performances (hopefully a headline!).

6. To conclude it all we’re so thrilled for the positive reaction this project is receiving so far and there may be fresh talent out there listening in. What advice would you give others coming up and what’s next from you after the EP? Oleta: My advice to upcoming artists is to keep going and believe in your talent. If you have something special, you need to keep up the consistency and you’ll reap the rewards when the time is right. I’m working on my second project, which will come out later on in the year and will hopefully have many exciting opportunities along the way! You know what to do people. For more to come, follow Oleta Frances online via Twitter and Instagram .

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