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Pekeys scatters the airwave with stunning EP, ENUMO. The Nigerian Afrocraft novice unwraps it all.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The tales of this one brilliant music man is one of the most interesting and thrilling of the year. Told through an amazingly built set of songs taking you through his story. All the thoughts and ups and downs. From humble ground comes Nigerian Afro-craft artist Pekeys. Telling his adversity through hurdles of his origins, culture, overcoming challenges, passing through friendships, battles with envy and so much more. He presents a blazing EP ENUMO with a fine mix of Afro-fusion, Reggae, Rap and R&B.

The 5 track gift ENUMO (meaning number five ) inspired by the angel number triple five and Pekeys adventure from Accra, Ghana and Lagos, Nigeria is a very refreshing introduction to him as an artist. He makes an explosive debut with his epic project. We got to know about the rising artist, his explanation of the project, working with producers Potter, Dr Bean, ID Noble and more.

Click here to stream the EP

1. Welcome Pekeys, Your EP is a really good listen. We admire what you brought to our ears. How do you feel now that you've released the project, you must be chuffed?

Pekeys: I’m super excited about this project. Knowing it is my first body of work gives me the joy to see a positive outcome.

2. On your EP you present a very vast spectrum of sounds covering the genres Afro craft, Reggae, R&B, and Highlife sound. Take us through how you built the project, what was the journey like formulating it? Pekeys: I started working on the project, ENUMO, meaning ‘five’ mid last year. Recorded 15 songs getting instrumentals from my producer friends, Potter, and ID Noble.

The best part of it was me creating “Sky Lord”. It was a Sunday morning, and I was very down with so many thoughts in my head. At the same time, I was seeing the angel number 555. Went online searching for answers, but I got a different meaning to it. I wasn’t satisfied yet and went further to search for the right way to communicate with the Creator. Then I came across the traditional ways of the Ga tribe in Ghana, which happens to be where my mother hails from. That’s how the song came about. Then I picked “Trade” and “Lost Angel” from my diary.

3. From the intro track to the end, you show an in-depth story to your come up as an artist. We can feel the zeal, hunger, and most of all cultural impact within it. How would you want the EP to be received by listeners, is there anything you’d want them to take from it?

Pekeys: I want them to listen to the messages decoded in this body of work because every word in this project is present, past, and future. Also, I want them to believe in whatever they are doing even if it’s against all odds. The rejected stone will always become the cornerstone. Time is the answer to everything you seek.

4. Now you teamed up with a nice group of record producers like Potter, Dr Bean and ID Noble. How was the experience working with each of them, it must have been a lot of fun and of a deep value?

Pekeys: Working with them is like cruise and flex. They have always been very supportive since the early stage of my career. We are brothers from different mothers. Great minds, good intentions, and good friends.

5. Now our favourite solo tracks are Sky Lord, Banku, and Trade which are all very different to each other. It's great to hear different cultural sounds within the music. What’s your favourite songs from the EP and why?

Pekeys: Sky Lord because I was manifesting a relationship with the higher ones to balance my energy.

6. Finally, we want to thank you for such a bold and bossy introduction to you as an artist and we’re sure many will enjoy this EP. Is there anything we can keep an eye out for soon or in 2022?

Pekeys: I appreciate you guys for granting me this interview and definitely I will be dropping a couple of projects by 2022. I pray Pekeys becomes a household name in the world.

You can connect with Pekeys online via Twitter and IG

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