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Pop singer Lavinia Cos talks Cutting Ties and her rise in music and more loading in 2022

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

We present to you all German Pop recording artist Lavinia Cos. The new upcoming act has been cooking up some buzz on her settings with her debut releases with songs like the first single Until the End and the new single Cutting Ties. From Her early beginnings perfecting her crafts for the stage, countless mentors, teachers and built her performance power over the years and went through the ropes to rise to where she is today. The fresh face and voice whose sound has been growing over on her YouTube hosting shorts and covers to popular jams like Dusk Till Dawn by ZAYN ft Sia, Break My Heart Again by Finneas, Lonely by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco and the classic Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. The emerging music act digs deep into her latest track and talks about the meaning behind the song, links to relationships, family and what music means to her. Based on that she comments "Music was there for me when no one else was I want to give that back to you" . She certainly has been too and with more talk behind her style, the grand talent shares her appreciation for her role models like Miley Cyrus and also legendary rock n roll band The Doors and also talks about her upcoming single Afraid of Heights and forthcoming EP Twenty too.

Stream the single avaiable on Spotify, YouTube and on other platforms

1. Lavinia Cos, thank you for your time to talk about your NEW record Cutting Ties. Your latest single was released on March 4th. How does it feel to finally be out? Lavinia: Thanks for having me! Honestly, it feels amazing! “Cutting Ties” is my second single and I learned so much during the release of my debut single “Until The End”, which came out back in September 2021, that I could use for this release. As an independent artist, you must do it all by yourself, so these past few weeks and months were super busy and stressful. With “Cutting Ties” being out, a lot of the pressure is gone now, and I can enjoy it! But don’t think, that my life is boring now;) My next release is coming soon and now I have to plan it

2. With voice, piano, light-pop percussion, and a smooth bass it’s a more lyrically focused song. You have talented skills with your songwriting. Could you tell us a bit more about what the song is about? Lavinia: Thank you so much! “Cutting Ties” is dedicated to parting ways with someone for your own sake. It´s not meant to show someone that you hold a grudge against them. It´s about finishing a chapter in your life that was toxic and not good for your soul. For me, “Cutting Ties” is about letting go of the estranged relationship that I have with my father. But that’s the beauty of the song – this is my story behind “Cutting Ties”, but every single listener can adapt it to their very own.

3. You have an interesting musical history too. Where did your journey start from and what were the vibes like growing up through music? Lavinia: You know, the first memory I have of music is me participating in a karaoke contest at a hotel kids club somewhere in Greece when I was four years old. The fun fact about this story is that I told nobody that I applied, and I didn’t know the lyrics of the song I was singing or the language. So, for most of my performance of “Eternal Flame” by Atomic Kitten I simply sang Lalala. Looking back at it now, I feel like I already knew back then that I want to entertain people. And it all went from there. Over the years, I trained with several vocal coaches, sang “We Are The Champions” acapella at my school’s talent show when I was eleven and so much more. My experiences took me to where I am now and I am very grateful for all of them, even the bad ones.

4. Who were some of the artists and groups that you admired growing up in music and what is one important thing that you learned along your journey so far? Lavinia: Oh, the first artist that comes to my mind is Miley Cyrus. I was a huge fan of hers growing up and I feel like she is the one who inspired me most to become an artist myself. Adele has also always been a big inspiration to me. I guess I got my love for ballads from her, and I would love to perform a song with her at some point in my career. A band that shaped me is “The Doors”. My mother is a big fan of them, and she passed that down to me and my siblings. An important thing that I learned so far is to never stop believing in my dreams and fighting for them. It will never be easy and there will be many challenges along the way but when I will look back on my life in a couple of years, I will be grateful for every challenge that I passed.

5. You’ve had a good start with your recent tracks like Until the End which has a similar high pop and is lyrically sharp. Could we look onto a full EP project or mixtape with similar sounds soon? Lavinia: Absolutely! My EP “twenty-two” will be released in late spring and the songs are all connected through some similarities. Nevertheless, each song is unique. I recorded “twenty-two” in Los Angeles back in December 2021.

6. Last but never least, what’s next for you, can new listeners and supporters expect any summer records and live shows coming up this year?

Lavinia: 2022 already started as an exciting year for me and this is just the beginning. My next single “Afraid Of Heights” is coming out in mid-April and I´m currently finishing two more songs that are set to come out in summer after the release of the “twenty-two”. In addition to all of that, I will probably release a Christmas song this year, which I’m very excited about because who doesn’t love Christmas?! As for live shows, I hope so, but we must see what’s possible with covid still being so present. So, you should keep an eye out for me this year because it won’t be boring.

You can follow Lavinia Cos online via Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel .

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