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Puellae & Finch Fetti liven up the scene with new Alternative hip hop bop Bagittarius. They drop BTS

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Cha-chiiiiing! Have you heard that NEW trippy Hip Hop bop by UK artist Puellae ? No? Well you're in for an electrifying masterpiece as The sweet Galactic babe who spun heads with her EP PSV (Puellae Space and Venus) last year featuring guests acts like Zeke Ultra, Kenniblu, Love Phia and Lord Fubu securing a soundbreaking 6 track package. The spacey ambient cosmic sound cadet whose singles like Iridescent Dreams captialized her to the forefront . Aswell as her recent low down mid tempo single Space Love featuring fequent collaborator Vimbai Rose. Since her crowd igniting live show performance at VibeRatings last August the promising singer and songwriter drifts into action and starts 2022 off with her latest sultry-fancy love number Baggitarius with a guest appearance by British record producer Finch Fetti. With a dash of grit groovy trap beats, ringing atmospheric melodies, fiesty-gloss , easy to catch / Y2K lyrical splash and deep romance with a cherry of flexy energy on top all mixed and mastered by Trezzor . The two track stars joined us to drop some behind the scenes to their creation and more.

Baggatarius | Click here to stream

1. Wow! Puellae it’s great to have you back and with a BANG. This new tune is bold, sensual, and catchy. How did this track happen? Puellae: Thank you so much! I remember after the Iridescent dreams remix came out, Finch said he’d send me some beats from his YouTube channel if I was interested. This prod was one of the many that I LOVED. I just knew I could have fun with it

2. Now this is a little different from your usual style as heard on your EP PSV and your recent track Space Love featuring fellow artist Vimbai Rose. What was it like creating this tune with Finch Fetti on the beat?

Puellae: Well, Finch’s production is amazing first of all! He’s very well proved to me that he understands my voice and style. I also believe that we’re naturally compatible in terms of sounds so it's like it was just meant to be! I know that a studio session would go crazy so that's pending.

3. Finch Fetti it’s nice to have you join us thank you for blessing the record too. As a producer, you must’ve had a blast working on this tune right? What was your creative process like, did you channel any inspirations production-wise? Finch: To be honest we hadn’t got into the studio for this track but I’d been a fan of Puellae music since I came across Iridescent Dreams, so when I sent her the remix to it and she liked it a lot I knew we could definitely make something original that would be fire if I sent her some beats. The beat was mainly inspired by the quirky cloud trap sound that is popular with producer/rapper Pierre Bounce and I just wanted to make something that had a nice trap bounce to it but still felt chill and ethereal.

4. Puellae, we hear some fun, intimate lyrical literature on this tune haha. Especially with that slick reference to Ja Rule’s classic Between Me & U’ ft Christina Milian’. Was that the vibe you were after musically? It’s LIT Puellae: Haha, not initially, I had an idea for my hook and verses which I had recorded on my voice memos a while back, but when I started recording that line just came out and I thought, yeah I love this! A lot of experimenting really and it works.

5. It’s really cool to hear new music to start off both of your 2022 runs. What will this year have in store for your supporters and new listeners?

Puellae: I’m aiming to have a lot more releases featuring Finch Fetti as well as some other WAVY producers, but I’m definitely taking my time and polishing my craft as I go. So I guess it’ll be a surprise for us all! Finch Fetti: Yeah same. Me and Puellae have a few more in the vault that should be out soon enough. I’m also planning to get her featured on an EP that hopefully should be out in May this year - along with a lot more mini EPs and singles I’ll be releasing with other artists this year.

6. Finally, thank you for sharing this track with us, is there anything you both would like to say to new listeners and your fans alike? Puellae: Thank you all for your loving support, shout out to Finch and Trezzor for their part in creating this beautiful track and please check out their latest projects! Finch: I am very appreciative of anyone that takes their time to check out my music and would definitely say lookout for a lot more music coming throughout the year! Thank you guys too for the interview and anyone that has been supporting me. Shout out Trezzor and Puellae for making this happen!

So what you waiting for ? For more impeccable sounds, news and for updates FOLLOW Puellae via Twitter and Instagram and Finch Fetti on Twitter and Instagram. Tune in next time folks.

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