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R&B Pop duo 5 Weeks speak Drum N Bass bop Can’t Have It . Alexandria & Darren Outbreak talk more

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Trust us, when we say that playlist you got? it gets way better when you hear the new entry from this perfect duo. Meet Brighton repping group 5 Weeks. The group consisting of lead singer Alexandria and producing partner Darren Outbreak are a prime example of a standout act. Blending the glistening flavour of Pop and nuance of R&B with some soul tingling Reggae and heartfelt Soul and Mountain Hip Hop sauce in the mix. Counting artists like Barrington Levy, Anita Baker, Soul 2 Soul, Mos Def, Anderson Paak as the people behind their form of art and showing some lit skill tekkers with their soulful cover to R&B classics like Rock the Boat by Aaliyah. Today the group present their NEW Drum N Bass infused record Can't Have It. The two join together from their start with lead singer Alexandria hitting the high notes from a young age and Daren getting wheels up from the age of 15 and working his way up through the electronic music field to creating the original essence that 5 Weeks hold in the present. We had the chance to speak more about their single, Darren gives production details on its production, Alexandria shares her magic as a songwriter as well as the group shares more about the music video and what they love most about working together on music and their next drop this season.

Stream the full track available on Soundcloud ad Bandcamp 1. 5 Weeks, welcome and thanks for your time to discuss your new single. First off what was your reaction to the release of the track? Alexandria: I felt accomplished because of the work that has gone into the project, I was proud. Darren: It seemed like a long time coming to be honest, so a little relief. But pleasantly surprised at the feedback we have received from the track since its release. 2. For those new to it, could you fill them in on the context behind the track and you both have fun making it? Alexandria: When I heard this beat, it felt dark and stormy. The music felt vexed, and the lyrics bubbled up from that sound picture. I enjoy our process the most out of all aspects. We respect each other’s musicality, which helps. Darren: Can’t Have It was one of the first songs we made together. It was great to hear Alex bring the song to life. Before we recorded Alex was telling me she wanted a slow, futuristic hard beat. I literally pulled up the beat and said what about this. The rest is history.

3. You both brought real flare and presentation with this song, it has an attractive blend of genres mixing R&B, Pop, Reggae and Soul in the boot camp/sessions how was the creative process making it. Could you share specific perspectives? so Alexandria as a singer and writer? Alexandria: Yes I think we both consider ourselves as having eclectic music tastes, which adds texture to our sound. My mum used to toast in a reggae sound system, so I grew up seeing pages of lyrics and watching rehearsals, I think that is the main reason why lyrical content is paramount for me. Darren is fantastic with harmonies and phrasing, so that helps my delivery as the singer, and I help with arranging and on occasion with production. If I say a double clap feels better, or this track needs a breakdown, Darren will do it so we can listen together and then we make a choice of what fits best. Then there’s the car test….I would say 95% of the time we agree.

4. Darren, how was the grind as a producer on the track you must have had a bunch of versions right? and what inspired your production style? Darren: Not really many versions of the track. As I said before I literally played her the beat and she said: “Yep, perfect” went off and wrote the song. I can't really pinpoint my production style. I will start off with a drum loop, chords or a sample and just go from there. Whatever genre or sound will just happen naturally. I never really go out to make a specific style.

5. We’re feeling the clarity, bright and organic scenes for the music video. Did you have on set and how much contribution did each of insert into its creation? Alexandria; Darren suggested we do a visual and I came up with the concept. I gave Darren my version of a storyboard and it snowballed from there. I wanted it too to look and feel as dark as the music picture in my head was when I first heard the baseline. Darren had some input with specific shots regarding the lyrics matching visuals. Darren has contacts in the industry because of his DJing; we met with a local crew and went over semantics., but Darren has a creative eye and is always useful on set. He gets the best wine. Darren: As Alex said she came up with most of the video concept. I left most of the video to her and the videographers. There is one scene in the car with her looking into the rear mirror. That was my idea. So, whenever we watch that bit, I'm always like “that's my director input” But mostly I'm teaboy on set of the videos.

6. Could you both share one thing that you appreciate about each other as creative professionals working together and what’s coming up next from 5 Weeks? Alexandria: I call him the BV king. Darren: Alex is super-fast at writing. If I send her something we could be recording the next day. Sometimes when I send people beats, I won't hear from them for weeks or months. I'm so grateful we can have that working relationship. Coming next from us is our next single “Woman to Woman” which will be dropping in a few weeks. Then the E.P. Continuing to write and record and just doing what we love to do. For updates and more new music from the group for Alexandria and Darren of 5 weeks online on Instagram, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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