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R&B soul dynamo SIDIQ takes the ladies’ lights out. He shares more on the excellent track and more

British R&B main man SIDIQ arrives with the romance throwdown of his latest track LIGHTS OUT. The hot, sizzling and seasoned singer and songwriter whose recent grind over the past years has not gone unnoticed. Now getting airtime and his props from radio giants Vibe 107.6 fm, Rinse FM France, OUD and more Sidiq stopped by to share more behind his infectious tune due to get you swaying, head nodding and swiftly moving on the dance floor. A BIG tune for the ladies and girls. The rising R&B Soul act is one to definitely watch out and cheer for. He shares on his musical roots, his dream collabs and what's coming up in 2023.

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1. Welcome SIDIQ. Your latest single Lights Out is a score filled with sonic brilliance .

How did you piece this marvellous song together? SIDIQ: Thank you! I actually stumbled across the instrumental of the song on YouTube, heard it and instantly connected to it. I fell in love with the instrumentation, the vibe and feel the music had. Immediately I had melodies come to me so I recorded jargon. Shortly after, I put lyrics to the melodies..

2. Love the single by the way. The song grabs your ears from the start. Your produced this track and how was the creative process towards completing the song? SIDIQ: Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. The creative process was very easy. I usually start with melodies, for this song, the melodies came to me very easily. So the process was smooth. Lyrically I wanted to have fun, nothing to crack your brain to. The music felt fun so I just wanted to write something easy.

3. You put us on with Lights out, Easy and other singles including Lose which are all massive tunes. We want to flashback to the start. Take us back, how did you venture into music? SIDIQ: My love for music started when I was very young. I started from around 12 years old. That was when I started going to studio sessions and performing live whenever I got the opportunity to. Those development years were crucial for me as it helped me find my voice and style. Fast Forward many years, a lot of opportunities came my way to go on tours and perform with different bands and choirs - all I took. With all those experiences under my belt I felt it was time to become SIDIQ the artist and here we are. I still have a long way to go but the wheels have started spinning!

4. Who were some of your inspirations growing up from home to your artistry? SIDIQ : I was inspired by athletes I would read in books like Kelly Holmes and Evander Holyfield. I was inspired by the stories of artists like Michael Jackson, Beyonce and how they made it. I love how someone can go from a low position to being a winner! As an artist my musical style is inspired by artists like: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Brandy, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Usher and a lot of Gospel and African Music. I grew up in a Nigerian home so Nigerian Music has always been a huge part of my life. A lot of African Gospel music, Soul Music, Pop music.

5. With your view of your sound, what do you hope people gain / feel from listening to your music? SIDIQ: My love for music was always because it made me feel good. I used and still use it to escape, to imagine and to have a good time. I hope my music can do the same. I want people to feel love, to be inspired, to want to have a good time when they listen to my music.

6. What’s next from you? Are any records for the festive season coming up or LIVE shows this half of 2023? SIDIQ: This year I'll be dropping more music. Be expecting three 3 track EPs entitled Euphoria - Vol 1, 2 and 3. I am very excited about these and can’t wait for my listeners to hear the songs. I hope to be gigging with my band around London and the rest of the UK too.

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