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R&B star Nyla Kwaga shares more about her EP project Girl Next Door and more

The UK R&B scene is popping right now . with so many artists making a big impression there are some that stand out from the bunch. The music of this upcoming star is astonishing and we cannot wait for you hear her latest project. Introducing British singer, songwriter and performer Nyla Kwaga. This artist is no stranger to the game as she has built an amazing start s far such as featuring on British rapper Flohio's album Out of Heart and also releasing popular covers to songs and featuring at Glastonbury in 2023. Nyla has also released numerous singles on her previous project Solitude and also featured on BBC Introducing 1xtra with Theo Johnson.

Nyla blends a smooth mix of R&B, Soul and Neo Soul elements while taking inspiration from artists such as Jasmine Sullivan, Lauryn Hill, Jhene Aiko, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Brandy and Destiny Child. The R&B nova stopped by to chat about her brand new EP Girl Next Door and shares about behind the scenes and what she hopes fans take from the project and more.

Stream the EP Girl Next Door available on Apple Music , Deezer, and Spotify

1)    Greetings Nyla , your new project Girl Next Door is a solid body of work. Could you tell us more about it how did it come about?

Nyla: Hey hey! I appreciate that, thank you. I’m one of those creatives that is always thinking about the next release and how everything can tie in, so I planted the seed in 2022, worked on the songs 2023 and here we are with the final product. You know how it goes, at first the project had more songs and was slightly different, but I’m glad we went in this direction with it.



2)    What was the inspiration behind your project, did you take inspiration from other artists or groups out there?


Nyla: I’m always drawing inspiration from places, people and my own experiences when making music. With Girl Next Door particularly, I wanted a project that would be able to showcase where I’m currently at artistically. In regards to other artists, I really love going back to music that I grew up on and seeing how artists of previous generations were putting songs together.

3)    You’ve come a long way from the early days. From your early songs heard on your first EP Solitude. How would you describe your growth as an artist ? Nyla: My earlier songs honestly I put out so I was able to perform and actually have something for people to go and listen to, so I left it down to the producer to finalise things for me. Since then, I’ve been more hands with the whole recording process, and then my engineer does his magic. I want to space for harmonies to shine as well as background vocals because that’s one of the many reasons that made me love R&B so much. Also having a home set up has helped with experimenting and exploring different ways to add all of these elements into the song.


4) What do you hope fans and listeners take from your project? What do you want them to feel and learn?

Nyla : This project is a combination of my experiences with love, growth and self development, things that we all go through. We had a lot of fun in these writing sessions and the recording process and I’d like to think that the listeners will be able to relate to at least one song from the project.

5)  What advice would you give upcoming creatives coming up who want to start a career in the entertainment industry? Nyla: To all the upcoming creatives who love their artistry to their core and want to share their greatness with the world, I would say the first thing is to always stay true to yourself. There is so much going on in the world, in our lives and even the entertainment industry itself so stay grounded and keep on pushing. Build a great team of people around you and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Invest in yourself, we reap what we sew and your next blessing is always around the corner. Keep God first, take time for yourself and enjoy the journey!



6)  Finally, What’s coming up next from you this year, more projects, some music videos or maybe some live events coming  up?

Nyla: Hmm, 2024 for me is about keeping the momentum going. To me that looks like more music and visuals for sure! Also, collaborating with other artists, live performances, and continuing to do the groundwork. So definitely stay locked in with me to see what is in store!

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