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Royzy Rothschild drops Winning Can Grow Me. The Liverpool act talks on the track & Big Condo Recs

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The man behind a BIG sound. Hailing from Liverpool Royzy Rothschild has been shelling down streaming fields and what a track record he's been building. The favourite MC from the North stepping and representing the camp at Big Condo Records home to a lineup full of deep range, uniqueness, character and charisma. The popular numbers go far and wide with this artist already having such a heavy-packed 2021 with his online freestyles, features on songs and EPs like House of Cards ft Lotty, Life Ain't Easy, Rappers Napping featuring American Hip Hop artist Bizzare ( of legendary group D12 ) and Melo Carmelo and a lot more as heard on recent mixtape Disaronno and Coke. The UK sound king came through to drop another banger, Winning Can Grow Me. Talking more on the fast-rap, flow packed and hard cracking new tune. He also shows love to his home city of Liverpool speaking of the talent there and more behind the evolving empire at Big Condo Records.

Stream the full track on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music

1. Royzy, it’s fab to have you back. Congratulations on your new track. It’s a litty, banging trap jingle. How was the track made and what is it about? Royzy: We was working in the studio with different vibes, and I was looking for something with a more current sound. I don’t normally go on these types of tracks but on the day, I was with Miss Stylie and she was saying this is deffo you so we give it a go. The song itself is just talking about l

life’s accomplishments and what it takes for me to be the person I am today. Over the years I have gone through a lot of self-help and mentoring to create a winning mindset.

2. For a while you’ve been booming a lot of popular vibes coming from Liverpool. From the net freestyles to your early jams like House of Cards, falling, Rappers Nappers and so many others. How would you describe your growth as an artist in your career so far? Royzy: To be honest guys I'm coming to the end of my career as an artist, iv released 18 mixtapes an EP, and 3 albums over a 25-year experience within the music. Crazy to think I have been rapping for 25 years. Im looking at releasing couple more singles then im heading back to the mixtape circuit.

3. Your Homebase Liverpool is home to so many refined talents and acts like Miss Stylie, Glass Skies, Sophie Li, Donno and Emily Callacher. What’s your favourite thing about the music scene there?

Royzy: Liverpool is a great musical city, so much talent here it's unreal. I love creating moments in time, time is the only thing you cant get back and im buzzing that Big Condo Records has created experiences for people that they will never forget.

4. Now Big Condo Records your camp is home to a lot of big names coming up. What’s the journey been like at the label and are there any things you’ve learnt in building it or in the entertainment industry? Royzy: We have learned a lot over the years, the first one being you have to love the artist or its not going to work out haha that’s all sim going to say on that front. The journey has been fun and a great experience, they say you do something for 7 years you start to become a leader in your field, I hope we continue to break our own records.

5. You have a lot of quality and bossy energy about yourself and in your music. With more music coming up. What do you hope new listeners and your fans draw from your upcoming work? Royzy: If you can see where I came from to where im going hopefully that will inspire you to keep moving. Remember situations are a moment in time, sometimes you gotta work 3 times as hard just to get the first steps and continue to keep moving. Also, my music is therapeutic I hope it heals you, understand you can be whatever you wanna be but your gonna have to work for it.

6. It finish it all we want to thank you for all you’ve been doing so far and all the flex, confidence and great sounds and for repping one of the best regions for music in the UK. Is there anything you’d like to say? Royzy: First off id like to say thank you to Ace and the guys over there, The creatives have been a heavy supporter of Big Condo Records and myself for a good few years now and I just wanna show some praise and flowers for what you guys do. It's always a pleasure working with you. Also, I want to thank everyone over at Big condo Records for all the work they do too, we all working trying to achieve dreams so big bless up and thank you to everyone. Make sure you go check out the new single ‘’Winning Can Grow Me’’ out 24th March via Tidal, gracias….. You already know what to do people. Hit that follow button, find out more and connect with Royzy Rothschild online on Twitter, Instagram and for live shoe updates watch his space.

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