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Sophie Li returns with party rock love track Wish You Knew. The upcoming artist discusses more on it

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

We bring to you the larva massive buzzing sound of Liverpoolian Indie rock act Sophie Li. Making you rock to the coast side to side with her lovestruck skippy and party-starting single 'Wish You Knew. The upcoming new artist, singer and songwriter who after taking view of legends like The Beatles and John Mayer and Catfish and the Bottlemen first came through the sound waves with her emotional hitting track Foreign Silhouette which covered the talks on mental and emotional health and her personal issues and what she was able to triumph over.

Now the solo artist who spent a number of years developing her career within various bands returns with the extension from her last track of which she also loaded up a live performance version of the track. The Big Condo Records signee flipped it down with us as she dropped more knowledge, details and perception into her new song, growing through the music industry and her new year.

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Hey Sophie Li, Thanks for the newest upbeat release. Wish you Knew is a proper upbeat, fun track, could you let us know more about it?

Sophie: Thank you! I wrote it while I was trying to process some emotions after just coming out of a relationship but still talking to that same person that I’d just broken up with. It was my first major break up so I had a lot to say but I just wrote as much as I could down and put some chords with it and it ended up as a weirdly upbeat song despite what I was feeling so I just went with the flow!

2. This is a good step up from your previous single ‘Foreign Silhouette ‘which first caught our ears. We like the live instrument elements featured on WYK. What was the production process like? Did you get to throw in your guitarist skills?

Sophie: Most of the guitar in this single is literally just me strumming chords to be honest. I’m saving my mad guitar shredding skills for some of the heavier stuff I’ve got lined up… In terms of production, I developed as much of the original song as I could before thinking about external elements and stuff I wouldn’t usually put in so I sat there and listened to Brazil by Declan McKenna on repeat and tried to pick out all the little extra production-y things in there and tried to do something similar with Wish You Knew. I’m a newbie at all this production stuff but I think I did alright!

3. It’s fresh to hear the standout ‘rock’ genre in your music also. With your sound being influenced by acts like The Beatles, John Mayer and indie group Catfish and the Bottlemen. What would you say are the important highlights from their journeys that have been significant to you?

Sophie: John Mayer just has such immense talent that blows my socks off every time I listen to his music. It’s the heart-wrenching ache mixed with the absolute awe I feel when I’m listening to his music that makes me want to create music with the same emotional resonance that he has. In terms of The Beatles, the thought that they impacted the music industry on such a colossal scale with such simple chords really inspires me. I’m from Liverpool myself so knowing that talent is right on the doorstep and that you don’t have to be a musical mastermind to achieve success is something that will always inspire me too.

4. You’re heavy on live performances and we saw that earlier with the live PA of ‘Foreign Silhouette’ that you released post-summer last year. Could we get a possible live version for WYK?

Sophie: I would love to play Wish You Knew for you! Just give us a message and we’ll arrange something! In the meantime, I’ll be playing it for the foreseeable future at my next few gigs so if you want to see it with all the works then make sure you come down and see me and my band there!

5. It’s fantastic to hear new music from you and with the new year finally here what else can your supporters look forward to?

Sophie: I hinted earlier on that there’s a heavier tune coming soon, and I’m really excited for it! I love all of my singles but this next one is the first one that has really got me bouncing off the walls and I’m usually quite apathetic so this is a really rare occurrence for me. It’s just such an angry song and I love stuff like that - I can’t wait!

6. Last of all, is there anything you’d like to say to your supporters and new listeners this year, where can they find and connect with you?

Sophie: For all those that already support me - I am endlessly grateful! The world of music can be tough and a lot of the time, the reason I carry on is because of my supporters. For those that don’t know me, you can check me out on Instagram and Twitter and all that business, just search @ssophiellii and if you like what you see, keep your eye out for any live gigs I do because I’d love to meet you in person! Check out my music on Spotify and iTunes and let me know if you like it! See you soon!

For more info and updates follow Sophie Li online and watch out for more music from her space.

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