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Spotlight : Dallas singer Elise talks on shedding light and hope with dreamy single, Note to Self.

The South side ear pleaser known for her roles on the Disney Channel as well as various award-winning independent films presents her deep toned uplifting record . From her early tracks in the archives such as A-Frame" and "Few Words," well received from multiple critics and supporters across the board . The US artist declares Note to Self as a track saying " a song all about make decisions out of love rather than fear, she delivers inspirational sparks of brilliance like, you’ve always been enough / on your own / baby you don’t need to earn their love / that’s not how spirits grow.” With an extra drop of Urban Jazz and soulful voice Elise shared more on behind the track .

1. Hey Elise, it’s a pleasure to have you join us. Note to Self is a smoothly toned pop ballad on

self-reflection while trying to rise higher and, So how did is record arrive to you ?

Elise : Thanks so much for having me! A lot of what makes up the song lyrically came from stream of conscious- things I had written in journals, recurring thoughts in my head about shared experience and the spaces we find ourselves collectively sometimes. Living through

the last 18 months as we have,

I wanted the verses to serve as some kind of mental hug when anyone listened to them. From time to time I caught myself subconsciously being so hard on myself, and when writing this I kept circling back to ‘what would I say right now to comfort and encourage somebody else, that I’m not also saying to myself’? And that’s where the ‘Note To Self’ title came from- a reminder to myself, and a virtual hug to anyone listening.

2. This song holds a strong grounding lyrically with deep emotional depth on uncertainty, search for higher level of awareness. What was the song writing process like while writing, Note to self?

Elise : This song really came to be at two different times. I had written this a couple years ago with a totally different melody, and had it mastered and ready to release. Something just didn’t feel right with it, though, so I held onto the song instead. At one point earlier this year after some time away from it, I pulled the stems up and started writing again.

After re-engineering parts of the song and getting a new vocal mix and balance I was happy with, here it is! I love releasing music as I’m still learning- it helps keep me accountable to continuing to create and share, and to break the habit of holding onto songs, spinning my wheels and trying to find non-existent perfection. In many ways that perspective is what inspired this song lyrically, too!

3. What do you want listeners to learn and understanding?

Elise : I really wanted the song to circle around love- we don’t know everything while we’re here on Earth- and we’re all going to mess up! But if we try our best to make our decisions out of love, even when we don’t know what we’re doing or don’t understand something, then we’ll all be better for it.

4. Now you’ve been in the industry for a while. From appearing on Television on the Disney Channel , in movies like (Darcy on house arrest) and let alone growing with the music. We got to know. Where did it all start for you?

Elise : I started acting and singing around the same time when I was very young, and I think that’s because I was surrounded y it from the get-go. My dad was a gaffer, so I grew up surrounded by lighting equipment, visiting him on set, and getting some first-hand knowledge of how things worked.

And then on the music side, my mom is a harpist and dad was a bass player and singer, so music was all around me! It wasn’t until sometime in high school that I started practicing writing my own lyrics, and much more recently that I’ve been working toward more “professional” pursuits using that passion. All I know is that it all fills my heart with joy, so I’m going to keep at it !

5. What would you say has been some of your favourite memories growing up in music and have they influenced your sound today?

Elise : There have been so many ! Two stick out immediately. One is the first time I ever got to record in a studio. I remember being so filled with joy and thinking ‘I could do this every day of my life.’

The second is the first time I ever got to sit in on someone else’s session. We were at (then-named) Underdog Studios and I got to sit in on part of a vocal session with Anita Baker. It was an experience I’ll always keep with me !

6. What could we look to coming next from you and music this year ?

Elise : I’m so excited to say I just booked the lead in an independent short, which I’m super excited about because it’s a cinematic dream! It’s going to be ethereal and just really beautiful, and should be released this fall. I’m also aiming for an early October release for the next single! Other than that, I’m playing ultimate frisbee all fall and spending time with some family for the first time since quarantine. Woohoo ! Feeling so thankful for the much-needed family time.

We hope you've this track Elise . To find out more from her you can follow hear on Instagram , Soundcloud online and on her main site for upcoming shows and updates galore.


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