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Spotlight: Rap R&B's Yacks debut fun, artsy visual for Nostalgic soulful track 'Bizzack' ft Ayamron

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

They're back in the studiooo got a long way to gooo ! We are very sure this will be a lyrical favourite with global listeners. Brit-Spanish music act Yacks and Ayamron arrive. Consisting of British Rapper and singer Yacks and Spanish-Panamanian Rapper Ayamron who've made a cracking start with their joint collabative tune 'Bizzack' . The 90's hip hop and noughties 2000s song is a straight forward intro for the charismatic team. Creative mastermind Ron a product of the school of pioneering artists and producers like Rakim, J Dilla, Artful Dodger and A Tribe Called Quest started producing for over a decade with music being a hereditary for him. His father once opened a show for Michael Jackson, so this explains how effortlessly Ron made this instrumental that caters to Yacks’ style and delivery perfectly. The two also dropped a fresh cut , organic music video shot by More Migas Productions which gained a sweet 24k + counts online and is growing with more listeners across other streaming mediums.

Frontman Yacks whose recent tunes What About Us, Deja Vu, Big Momma have done very well across the board not surprising as the multi-talented performer whose inspirations Ja Rule, Jon B , George Michael and 90's music hold dear to him. The UK MC also born Funsho Taiwo who started in theatre and has acted in several in the film industry films internationally such as ‘Red Devil’, ‘Brian’ and ‘Balcony’. To add to this, they both co-host a live podcast called ‘Young but Grown’ on which they discuss several topics available to stream on YouTube.

Bizzack is slang for the word ‘back’ and literally means what it says. They are both back after their last release and here to stay and only continue to make hits that are contagious. The chemistry between the two is evidently obvious after 30 seconds of listening to the single. The duo gives the old school, slower tempo style of hip-hop a rebirth in this single.

The style of this single is extremely easy to connect with as this style of music dominated the charts for many decades and would be refreshing to younger listeners who may be unfamiliar with this style of hip hop. Listening to Bizzack is almost as if you are transported into a time machine from 20 years whilst staying in the current time.

The base banging bop is out now to stream on streaming platforms . Follow Yacks and Ayamron and click the links above to get the latest updates from their upcoming music, shows and more.


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