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Tomike shares more Soul-brilliance in her sound, her inspiration, growing up in Dublin & new in 2022

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Ohhh Yesss! She's back the Neo-Soul goddess go tell your friends. We had to get that call-back feature with Dublin- based singer and writer Tomike. Who last week loaded up her rapid-fluid fire of a record Another World. We had another sit down with the seriously glorious artist to share more about her music with all. The list goes on when it comes to how much material she's had in the bag. From live sessions, and working in the studio to a new list of live performances later this year. Get Ready people to because when you mixed the magic from Erykah Badu and Sade and new school style Tomike 's sound is one to hear right up your street, ears and stereos. She fills you in on her current stage in music, her nurturing years coming up in the music industry. Growing up in the main of Dublin to Nigerian parents Tomike comments on the quality memories listening to West African music legends like Lagbaja and Fela Kuti. Tomike also spoke more on her growth as an artist over the years as well as her progression from her 2019 EP project Stages of Love and other tunes like Hit Me Up, You Don't Really Rate Me, On the Low and more.

Stream the LIVE performance version to single Wildflower out now

1. Tomike, thank you for this moment, you’re literally the first female artist from Ireland to feature with us. You just released your new track Another Life. How does it feel? Tomike: It feels great! I wrote this song just a little over a year ago now so it's always such a nice feeling to finally let it out in the world. The feedback has been amazing so happy with it 2. We are really loving your style of music and we sure admire your homage to legends like Erykah Badu and Sade. We hear it so clearly even on your last song It's Like. The influences are very strong. Tell us what it was like starting your music career. Do you have any favourite memories? Tomike: Growing up my Mom always had music playing around the house from Anita Baker to Sade to Lagbaja to Whitney Houston and my Dad loved Kenny G so listening to music was always something that was easily accessible to me. I actually started writing music very late, I always had a huge passion for music, was involved in school musicals and talent shows and loved listening to music but the thought of launching my music career just always seemed so difficult as I didn't really see anyone from Ireland that looked like me having a successful career in music, so after years of running away from it I finally decided to pick up a pen and write my first ever song in 2018. My favourite memory would have to be me playing at my headline show at the Sound House Dublin in 2019, the crowd were amazing and they knew all the words to the songs I was so shocked haha.

3. It’s a huge moment. With so many new artists and names flying through this year in the music industry, how would you describe your style to new listeners tuning in for the first time? Tomike: Hmm Think smooth buttery vocals paired with a nice juicy fat drum groove. My music is very jazz influenced, in terms of the chords I gravitate towards, but one thing about my songs is that 99.9 % of the time I will have a groovy/bouncy drum pattern with chilled laid back vocals. So I guess you could say neo-soul. 4. That’s epic. We last music artists like Harrison Paul on here and what an artist he is. As one of the ladies representing some of the best sounds from Ireland who was born to Nigerian parents in Dublin City, are there any values and wisdom that have been instrumental in your own unique style of music? Tomike: Yes for sure the need to have a bouncy drum pattern in my songs is highly influenced by my Nigerian Roots, For me, I think it's important for people to move when listening to my music, even if its a slow song I like to see some form of moment and that's something I have inherited from listening to Lagbaja and Fela Kuti as a kid.

Stream the EP exclusively online on Spotify, YouTube Music and Deezer 5. You have a dense catalogue so far; we could go on the way back to the EP stages of love and even your other tunes . How do you feel about your evolution over the years? Tomike: I actually only have one project out right now and that's stages of love. I put this out 3 years ago and I can honestly say the growth has been huge, I can see so much progression in my skills and sound and I am so excited to release a second project this year. 6. You have a lot coming up soon. What can look and anticipate coming later this year? Tomike: Yes I do, there are a few things I can't talk about yet, but I will be announcing them very soon. so keep an eye on my socials What I can talk about is I will be playing my first gig in Belfast for Output Belfast on April 21st. I am super excited as I will be playing with a full band, which is always super fun, more exciting things to be announced very soon.

Want more blissful sonics from Tomike?

Then for more info and updates follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook . Visit her official website here.

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