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UK R&B Darling Cheryll debuts festive new bop Naughty or Nice. The super singing sensation tells all

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

The Fierce and dashing R&B babe from the UK shall been killing it in the music world. Just from her last collection of songs via her EP Transition the songstress with excellence and nothing less stuns fans with a festive Christmas treat.

The Members only management signee and gifted artist who has graced the music scene with countless bops, head nods and sauce on he mic. Even reminiscing about past jams such as Catch my Eye, Red Room, Fess Up, Crushing and so much more gave us her latest sonic treat and all the gist's, glam and shazam behind of the scenes details on her winter jingle single 'Naughty or Nice' deemed to have you singing along in no time. Cheryll shared more with us and her involment in the video treatment for the single brought to you Fleeting Images and Editing magic from Jollof Raids and and also what's to come in the new year.

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1. Cheryll, this is a remarkable single to return to the music arena with , just in time for Christmas. How does it feel to finally release the track?

CHERYLL : You know what, it feels absolutely amazing but at the same time so nerve wrecking! I took a year out to really focus on me and my journey as a musician and where I’m trying to go. To come back with a Christmas single and have an overwhelming amount of support is great!

2. Now you also blessed the masses with a super-festive music video. How was the experience making the visuals for the single ? CHERYLL : (assuming the interview is out after tomorrow lol) I’m glad it’s finally out and I can share the visuals! There was so much work/effort by myself and the team in this video. A lot of DIY , so I’m glad that everyone can see the finished product.

It was a long day, but everyone on set played their part!

3. How was the productive process of making such a song in comparison to the making video? CHERYLL : Making the song was amazing. Over the last year I’ve been working with an amazing songwriter called Koyin and I Had explained that I wanted to make a hit Christmas single & put out focus into that and ended up with an amazing single.

The video itself was put together by myself and the cinematographer Ben “Fleeting Images” which was pretty fun. I had a load of ideas I wanted to put together and he worked with md to bring it to life. 4. How was the creative direction that you had towards making this catchy record ? CHERYLL : I had Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” & Destiny’s Child “8 days of Christmas” in the back of my mind but I also had a bunch of random ideas that came to mind when actually recording the song.

5. You sure had a fabulous year in music . What has been one of your favourite highlight moments from the year 2022?

CHERYLL : I actually haven’t released any new music this year but I’ve been working on so much music behind the scenes which I can’t wait to share in 2023!

6. Last of all. Thank you so so much for stopping and talking about your new Christmas and more to come. It has been a blast. What can we look forward to later this year from you?

CHERYLL : I’ve got so much on the way! I don’t want to give away too much but definitely be expecting some great music!

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