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UK R&B’s EJ Imho enlists Kwoli Black on his new song. Don't Ring Me. He discusses behind the track.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The year has been long. Many artists across the border has thrown their songs into the radar of a multitude of listeners around the globe. dwelling our ears deep into the luxurious sounds in music. One of them is the sweet yet dark, powerful and explosive genre that is R&B, and all the way from the UK there's a sprinkle of spice and magic. Today we introduce to you all, a British artist, record producer, instrumentation and the upcoming sounds of EJ Imho. The sparkling young talent who has graced the homegrown fields with his flashing unique style.

The East London born music act has made quite a mark with his presence appearing on multiple numbers including recent works with DaveCreates, Jessica Akin, Nyotaa, Kente Kwame and of course Kwoli Black. EJ joins us to discuss his most freshly served song 'Don't Ring Me'. The smooth, easy ear-catching melody on legato piano arranged and classic 4/4 mid-tempo crunchy percussion and intriguing lyrics delivered by an impressive vocal lead and guest features fellow Rap artist and singer Kwoli Black. It highlights love chemistry just gone from a significant other and the after affect thoughts and emotions and lessons learnt.

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1. Don’t Ring Me, what a single this is and it’s perfect for the winter season ain't it haha. Could you break this one down for us?

EJ: It’s funny you mentioned this being a perfect song for the winter season because I had this in mind when writing it. I was thinking now that it’s cuffing season, who’s gonna pop back up asking for Winter Wonderland trips and how can I let them know I’m not tryna involve myself in their affairs anymore haha.

2. You also produced the record, what was the reason behind the making of this particular joint?

EJ: So we actually made this song over a year ago. Woke up one Sunday morning and was inspired to run with this idea that had been in my head for a couple of weeks, so I went with it. Little did I know that it would become an actual song.

3. You brought in Kwoli Black, what was it like having such a talented rap artist like him on board, did you both enjoy the recording session?

EJ: You know, we did everything remotely because of the state the world was in at the time. I trust him as an artist to always deliver heat, so I just emailed the beat with the hook over to him. He sent the first half of his verse for some feedback then he sent over the second part a couple of days later. Soon as I heard the full thing, I couldn’t wait to start mixing it!

4. Now you come from the school of producer-artists like Thundercat, Hiatus Kiyote and Spillage Village, that’s really ill. What was it like growing in music for you, how did you find your sound?

EJ: Growing up as a musician was quite strange for me at times because I listened to every style I found, and I still do. Whether it was traditional jazz, or rap, or even heavy metal! I went through all the phases. I’m still trying to figure out my sound and a lot of the time, what I produce is the bare minimum of what’s really in my head. I have a lot of crazy ideas that may or may not work but my plan is to release it all and see what sticks for me.

5. It was really nice to hear an impressive sound like DRM, what would you like people to gain from the track and could we expect a visual treat too?

EJ: I just hope mine and Kwoli’s feelings we expressed on DRM translates well to people rather than it just being a meaningless vibe, you know. Kwoli is a great writer and poet, and I don’t want people to overlook that. A visual might or might not come later, depending on the wider context of this world I’m building. I have a few ideas so we’ll see what happens.

6. It’s the festive season and we’re lucky to get a last-minute song from you haha. Could you give us a preview of what’s next for you?

EJ: Expect a ton of new music! Currently working on a few projects with a group of incredible artists and producers including Kwoli himself. Wouldn’t wanna give away too much too soon but stay tuned to find out what we’ve got coming!

To find out more about EJ Imho follow him on via Twitter and Instagram.


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