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Vanfavia debuts her VanTasy EP. The Nigerian Pop Rap act talks more on working with Tonee C

The fire and desire flares higher with this new artist making her debut. Introducing Vanfavia. The fresh name to the global music game is one to take immediate note of.

Releasing her debut fierce, boss energetic and lit up single Femecees last year. The Nigerian R&B Rap artist, singer, songwriter and model has taken the ratings to new levels on her official tape VanTasy featuring productions and guest verses from Port Harcourt- based artist Tonee C.

The two teamed up on the 5- track fanaza which is a highlight reel of all that Vanfavia has to offer.

Taking inspiration from Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj the 23 year old hit loader has the lovable, fearless, G'd up personality and eye catching steelo both artistic and on the mic.

VanTasy is a summed " heavy hip-hop and punk drums, trap arrangements, and r&b melodies. Going over subjects like growth, wealth, romance and psychedelics..."

With an earlier look into Vanfavia's world as heard on stand alone single Daddy Pancake which showcases the flamboyance, cadence and catchy lyrics and a direct to YouTube visual to match.

We spoke to the Bad Kompany artist herself to find out more.

Stream VANTASY EP available on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms

1) Vanfavia thanks for having the time to share more about your project. It’s a huge deal. What was your first reaction to it finally being out there? VANFAVIA: I was happy to finally put it out there and I also felt a sense of fulfilment, I’ve been working on the project for months and couldn’t wait to share it with y’all, it’s been an integral of my growth process and I absolutely love the direction it’s taking me.

2) That’s excellent and that’s really what your supporters were waiting for. You’ve had a good start with the ‘stand out ‘singles such as Daddy Pancake which features Producer Tonee C. How was that experience working with him? VANFAVIA: Tonee C is a very good artist, producer and engineer, he played a major part in the project, recharging my energy, introducing me to a new level of the work process, and fuelling me up generally. He makes recording so fun and easy, he brought out the best in me at the time and also brought his best game on. And this has increased my confidence level and work rate.

3) There are 5 fabulous tunes on the project. Some of our favourites over here include Nu Form and Black Jack. What is your fav song from your project and why? VANFAVIA: My favourite song is “Faded” I just seem to connect more to it because of how I felt writing it, It’s very personal Don’t get me wrong tho lol, other songs are personal but “Faded” stands out for me. There’s just something about it that I personally resonate with, feel and understand.

4) You have a lovable vibe and confident aura through your music. Tell us who some of the artists were that sparked a nod for your career. Are there any albums you listened to growing up? VANFAVIA: Nicki Minaj and Rihanna were the artists who made me realize who I was, they brought out the badass in me. Over the years, artists like Ariana Grande, Rico Nasty, Doja Cat, Bia and Ashnikko caught my attention as well. Yes, “Unapologetic” by Rihanna was one of my favourite albums I listened to while growing up and “Pink Print” by Nicki Minaj as well.

5) That’s blessed. Now being an upcoming artist from Port Harcourt, the number of artists and musical performers coming through that region is large. What can you say helps you stand out from the rest of them? VANFAVIA: I and my Genre are different, I sincerely don’t fit in, that’s what makes me stand out I put my whole essence into my music. How I think, feel and look are also what makes me stand out. You don’t see that on a regular basis, with most of the people I’m surrounded with. Consciously staying different from the regular keeps me standing out.

6) To finish it off. Your EP summed up in three is Brut, Bold and Badass. What’s next coming up later this year from you and where can more supporters see you perform LIVE? VANFAVIA: This EP was just the tip off the iceberg, there’s a lot coming from me, a joint tape coming from the team and it’s got pieces of me in it. There’s a lot but little I can say you know… I can’t tell y’all everything to expect, just be ready for me. I’m looking at performing this summer at Bole Festival, in Port Harcourt and other events I and my team get on.

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To connect with Tonee C follow him on wTwitter and Instagram

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