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West Virginia’s Philip Bowen shares the heart-warming song Stella. He elaborates on inspiring music.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Already spoken well of by the Nashville Songwriting Association International as a 'one to watch and the winner of Tik Tok's Greatest talent competition Philip Bowen takes great pride in his Appalachian roots. from the culture to the songs written serving a bigger meaning with the positive and hopeful power they hold The singer and multi-instrumentalist shared his latest folk record, Stella, with us.

Inspired by the relationship in his family and with his daughter. The heavily loving and warm song is a flame of strength, and empowerment and brings the light of a better tomorrow and of faith. Philip gave more view into the song, its production, his hope for listeners and what else he has planned for the year. Check the exclusive live piano version performance below.

1. Philip, it’s epic to have you join us to chat about Stella. A very full, quality and lovable single. How was the rise up to the making of this song ?

Philip: Hey there! Happy to chat with y’all! Stella was such an incredibly fun musical journey to take. I wrote this song mainly on the piano and then added the other ear candy during production. I worked with artist/producer Jake Fine on the production of the track. I wrote most of the song in under an hour, which is a rare treat these days. “Stella” will hit you right in the feels, and I’m very proud of how it turned out.

2. It’s a very moving track and very sharp lyrically, from the jump it grabs the ear by the instrumentation. As a musician how was it composing this song with such a hopeful and positive theme?

Philip: As a musician, I’m always striving to tell a story with the notes and chord progressions and sonic choices that make up a track. The composition of the piano, guitar, harmonies, melody, etc all needed to compliment the lyrics in just the right way to help the listener feel what I’m feeling, and also feel as if the song intimately relates to them.

3. You note this song is about looking up for a better tomorrow and is comforting and is very big on family. What do you hope that new listeners will learn and go away with? Philip: I hope that listeners will take away a sense of peace and calm, especially in these unprecedented and bizarre times that we are living. I feel like there are no shortages of chances to get bombarded with negativity, so I’m hoping this song is like a little oasis in the desert of crazy. It’ll be alright. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will get better.

4. Now being from West Virginia you have an appealing sound and nature with your music. Growing up, how would you say it’s built you as a performer and an artist ?

Philip: Great question. The Appalachians in general, and West Virginians in specific are such warm and welcoming people. I grew up in a culture where family is everything and a huge emphasis on community. From a personal perspective, I have been immensely inspired by people like my grandparents and parents, who have shown me through their examples the true meaning of things like generosity, sacrifice, and love. Musically, I’ve been inspired by the music that resonates through the mountains as well as all kinds of eclectic sources.

5. Who are some of the people that have inspired your path in your career?

Philip: Artists like James Taylor, Tyler Childers, Sierra Ferrell, The Brother Brothers, The Milk Carton Kids, Frightened Rabbit, Madison Cunningham and I’m With Her to name just a few. Great storytelling always appeals to me.

6. To end it all off. Thank you for speaking about Stella, we highly support your record and would love to hear more from you this year. What is one of the gifts people can watch out for from you?

Philip: Thank you so much for having me, and for supporting my music! My next release after “Stella” will be a song called, “Anymore” which I am almost done with in-studio. I can’t wait to share it! I also have some live shows planned in WV, Nashville, and beyond! Come find me on social and say hello, I’d love to meet you all!

Get the latest from the nashville singer and follow Philip online on Twitter, Instagram other platforms via his Linktree.

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