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You can’t take EJ Imho For Granted.The gifted singer talks on the song and working with Dave Creates

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The upcoming talent from East London harnesses' his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and rapper ahead of his second EP to be released later this year and unloads his next soundtrack For Granted.

The bar floats higher on the climax scale as the hype from previous tunes Don't Ring Me and as well EJ's guest appears on songs Little Too Late, Party Interlude and Breathe featuring Kway, Dinah Ray and Jessica Akin on 2020 project Album For my Boredom A slo-mo mid-temped track which features guest vocals from none other than that of British Rap artist Dave Creates whose signature lyrical wordplay, rheumatic cadence and laid-back confidence are a perfect fit for the song.

The love-themed, post-relationship-orientated record is a memorable one for certain with alot to explore, EJ Imho spills the sauce on the new likable joint and what it was like connecting with Dave Creates again and shares wise words from the future of musicians and artists and more.

Stream the full track available on Apple Music and Spotify

1. EJ Imho. You did it again. This new track from you follows the tone of your last record Don’t Ring Me ft Kwoli Black. What’s the narrative behind the track? EJ: Hey! So, I’ve sorta done things a bit backwards this time. The story behind this song essentially serves as a prequel to ‘Don’t Ring Me’. It kinda answers the question of ‘why’ Don’t Ring Me was created. It tells an all too familiar story of giving your all to someone and being taken for granted. Now you’re letting them know that you’re on your way out of that situation.

2. The production is an instant grab by the ear. It’s even and lyrically spacious and flows so easily. How did you form the layout for it and did you have any reference songs or producers for creative direction?

EJ: This sounds weird, but I actually reference my unreleased songs a lot! This song, when I first wrote it, sounded significantly different to what it is now. I’ve had to go back to a few of my old demos to keep a consistent sound for this upcoming project. I’m quite intentional about making a cohesive body of work even if that means the final songs sound entirely different to demos.

Stream the full track available on YouTube Music, Apple Music and Deezer 3. Returning to the foundation for the track, which is quite like your previous tune, is all for your upcoming EP project that will premiere within the year. How is the route towards that going? Could you share more on that? EJ: It’s going great! Really excited to share what’s on my brain. The main challenge I’m facing at the moment is just knowing how much of this amazing story I wanna tell and how I’m gonna portray it accurately.

4. You still got that different vibe musically; you draw from some interesting range of artists. Meeting Dave Creates (who is one of our favourite MCs ‘and lyricists ) for your track ‘For Granted’ how was the conversation with him and can you comment on his impact on the track as an artist? EJ: davecreates is undeniably one of the best rappers and poets currently on the scene! I hit him up with a demo of the track including my verse and hook on it earlier in the year. Initially, he expressed that he loves the vibe of the song but felt like he wasn’t able to draw from his own life experiences to add to the song. Him being the amazing storyteller he is was able to draw from other people’s experiences and deliver that verse! It was so beautifully done; you’d think he was currently going through heartbreak haha.

5. This is a ground-breaking moment for the music field with so many artists and other creative pros alike really pushing through with good music. As a musician and performer, what words can you give to the younger and new generation rising to perform, any wisdom and advice for them? EJ: The main bit of advice I can give is to keep being you and not worry about others. As saturated as this industry seems, there’s room for everyone! There’s always someone out there who will love what you’re creating and resonate with it, even if they aren’t in your close circle

6. EJ, Thanks so much for this talk about your music, working with Dave Creates and the EP coming up of course. Is there anything else you can share a quick preview live show-wise, any performances in the works this summer or a surprise summer joint? EJ: No worries at all! Really love sharing with you guys! This hasn’t officially been announced yet, but I’ve got my first ever performance as an artist next month and you guys are the first to hear about it! Will be performing For Granted as well as a few unreleased bangers so if you can head down to Nottingham on July 2nd, you’re in for a treat! Keep on the lookout for the official announcement though haha. For more updates on shows, new releases and all things new from EJ Imho? Follow him online on Twitter and Instagram

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