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Meet Gospel duo Jordan and Wesley. The dynamic team shares their story and more

One of our favourite featured groups take the main stage today. Jordan and Wesley. The British R&B Gospel duo have made noise with their appearances on television and with their amazing sound blessing and touching millions with their fine performance ability and power. As seen on TV shows Michael McIntyre 's Big Show, The Voice and more the pair have been praised by various stations and platforms such as Hype Magazine. A Step Fwd and continue to as we caught up with the group to chat about humble beginnings, their inspirations, their new music this year and more.

1. Welcome John and Wesley, it’s nice to have you together, your music is supreme. Could you share how the duo began?

Jordan: Thank you for having us and thank you for those kind words, we appreciate it!

The duo began way back in the day from when we were young. Growing up we

were constantly around music, whether it be at church, in the car or at home -

it was there. But we only officially sang together when we were 13 and 10 years

old for our Dad’s appreciation service. It was then due to the feedback we

received that we thought maybe this is something we could do/pursue.

2. You’ve both come a long way, from humble beginnings till now. Tell us, who were some of the artists or groups you grew up listening to ?

Wesley: What a question. Some of the artists we grew up listening to were the likes of

Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Mary Mary, CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams,

Grace Thrillers, Hillsongs, Kurt Carr, Hezekiah Walker etc. We grew up in a

Christian household, so gospel was the way forward lol. As we got older we

discovered the likes of Tank, Usher, Chris Brown, Brandy, Jasmine Sullivan, Beyoncé, Whitney, MJ and more.

3. On your way to the top you’ve released songs such as Hold On, Christmas and showcasing a vibrant and powerful type of ministry. How has that journey been making music together?

Jordan: The journey making music together has been a good one. We’re both on the

same wavelength music wise and when it comes to singing, so with regards to

creativity ideas and trying different things vocally, we can bounce off each

other etc. I (Jordan) would say Wesley’s more of a perfectionist then I am

cause I feel that some things are that deep lol, but it helps keep you sharp and

betters the overall performance or recording. We both recognise that we’re

not the best singers out there to ever do it, but with the gift that God has given

us, we’ll do it to the best of our ability. #ProgressionNotPerfection

4. Now you two appeared on television shows such as The Voice in 2021. How

was that experience being on the shon ow and performing in front of millions nationwide?

WESLEY: Appearing on The Voice UK 2021 was an amazing experience especially

because it took place during Covid where a lot of shows were not running.

We felt we got the opportunity to showcase our talent in an authentic way which

took us right up to the semi finals. We had a lot of fun working with other

contestants, staff and vocal coaches behind the scenes and most importantly

Olly Murs who is a genuinely nice person.

5. With your view of your sound, what do you hope people gain / feel from

listening to your music?

WESLEY: We aim to create music that is empowering, inspirational, reflective and

encouraging to whoever is listening because this is what music does for us.

With our sound stemming from Gospel and RnB, we hope the listener enjoys

the melodies, vibes and the groves, but most importantly the message

contained within our music which is one of faith and hope in Jesus Christ.

6. What’s next from you guys? Are any records for the lively summer season coming up or LIVE shows this half of 2023?

JORDAN: We hope to release more music this year, so yes, hopefully we will have some

music for the summer so keep an eye for that on our socials (@jwmusiq). If

any festivals are willing to have us as part of their production, we would be

happy to be a part of it. We also hope to put on our first concert in 2023 which is something that we have wanted to do for a while.

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