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Sakyi. The Big Thing in R&B take you through EP Four. They talk their evolution, unique style & more

What a day that today marks as Four Men, knights of the genre present to you a sonic treasure chest of their introductory voice. Sons and bold men . First Eden, Reece, Carl and Aaron. The power group who joined forces to form R&B quartet ,Sakyi (pronounced: Sah-chi) . The English-Ghanaian heritage group rose to national sight by their appearances on world known franchised talent series in Season 9 of The X Factor reaching the Semi-Finals thewhere they shone their light back seven years ago. Shaping and moulding their own sonic ID and stage presence . Perfoming their own popular covers such as Maxwell's For You, Boyz II Men's - End of The Road and other recognised songs and showing likeable choreography, personality and comedic flare, riff challenges , live shows via social and arts content engines like Tik Tok and YouTube gaining over millions followers and spectators of their work and energy. The group unwrap an euphoric extended play entitled, FOUR. featuring six listed soundtracks : 24 Hours, Could've Been Me, Damage, Run My Way, Save Me and Your Way. These talented brothers blend the genres of Afro-swing, beat and Rap-Trap percussion whie also slotting R&B and soothing harmonies and delivery throughout the EP . British Record producer Rizmadeit also blacksmiths the production on this elite project. SAKYI share their time to provide an very satisfactory inisht into their chemistry as a group vocing how the road was making such a project, their hopes for listeners of their work and what they have descending soon.

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1. Sakyi. It’s grand to have you four introduce your sound and more. Your EP Four is out right now. Talk through how each of you is feeling. REECE: It feels good to finally release a body of work that we have worked hard on for a long time. CARL: It's an amazing feeling to finally release it. A proud moment for me and the boys. AARON: It’s a great feeling because it’s our first actual body of work, which has taken a lot of time and energy to produce. EDEN: It has been a long time coming so it feels great to finally share it with the world. 2. It must have been an absolute mountain climb to finally complete it from where you all started. Talk us through the EP. What’s the tale behind its development and what was a good highlight that you could all share? REECE: The process behind the EP was challenging but also a lot of fun. It was hard to pick the songs we wanted on the EP originally but we narrowed it down to the 6 tracks currently on there. It did take a lot of late nights and early mornings to get it done, but it was definitely worth it. CARL: It was a tough journey getting this project over the line but I enjoyed every minute. The late nights, spending hours and hours in the studio, meeting up with the boys to finalize the finer details, it was great. I would say the highlight of creating this project which I believe we all share would, would be selecting and cementing the 6 tracks that are on the EP. AARON: We wanted to make a body of work for the audience to hear our sound and to see how we’ve matured as artists, and reintroduce ourselves to the world as SAKYI. EDEN: I loved it. Having the project out and hearing the positive feedback just makes all the late nights and hard grafts worth it. Our aim was to put the world on notice, especially the UK RnB scene and I feel that this project is the first step to our takeover. A personal highlight of mine would be writing with my brothers and being able to connect with them creatively.

S4kyi in Concert at Ghana Party in the Park 2022

3. You all worked on six heavily super tracks from 24 hours, Run My Way, Save Me and through to Your Way. As bandmates and songwriters, how was the writer's camp for this whole project? Do you have any favourite songs off the EP? REECE: So all the songs on the EP were written by us. We didn’t have a songwriting camp for this project, moving forward I think we will go down that avenue too. My personal favourite track is your way, the reason being is that I can listen to it over and over and not get bored of it. CARL: Writing with the boys was great. It is so easy to connect creatively because we are all so close. It's absolute vibes when we are together creating. I would say my favourite track from the EP is ‘Save me. AARON: Personally my favourite track would be damage because it’s a feel-good song and as I like to dance it has great elements in the song that allows me to just Feel the music and dance. EDEN: The process for writing these songs was very enjoyable and easy to be honest. We all get on so well which makes it easy for us to merge creatively. My favourite song on this project is damage.

4. You brothers did an immaculate job on this project. If you all where you sum up this project in one sentence. what impact do you all hope people receive from it?

REECE: Thank you! The project in one sentence for me would be, this EP is only the

beginning so keep an eye out for what’s to come.

CARL: I hope the feel the sense of unity and passion.

AARON: If I was to sum up the project in one sentence it would be, ‘ This is just the

beginning and we have plenty more music to come. We want our audience to know that we are four brothers that have a deep passion for music, we hope whoever listens to the tracks on the EP; it lifts up their mood and has a positive impact on them and they enjoys it as much as we do. We get a lot of messages from people about how our music makes them feel and it’s so rewarding to hear and that’s what we want to keep on doing. EDEN: I hope that they are able to vibe to the music and really enjoy the vibes we worked so hard to create. This is just the beginning for us so stay tuned.

5. We can’t the forget stunning work from producer Rizmadeit. How was the whole experience working with him on the EP. Could your fans expect any possible remixes soon or a deluxe version? haha

REECE: Yes working with Riz on this project has been great. We work really well together, it’s so important to have a producer that gets your sound and vision.

CARL: It was a pleasure working with Riz. We’ve built a good relationship over this past year working with him and I believe it shows in the music we have created together. He is very talented which makes it so easy for us to vibe and create music great music. There’s a lot more to come.

AARON: 100% remixes are in the pipeline, and with working with riz it’s been a pleasurable experience, he’s really talented and on our wavelength, his production definitely jelled with our sound.

EDEN: Working with RIZ on this project has been a great experience. Having a producer that understands our sound and what we are trying to achieve just made the whole process easier and more enjoyable. There’s loads in the pipeline so all I will say for now is stay tuned.

6. In conclusion, it's been shining to have you brothers share your project and your sound with the world. The songs, videos, chemistry and union among you all are blazing. What’s next from you guys? any records for the festive season coming up or LIVE shows this half of 2022? REECE: We have a lot of things coming up in regards to performances and getting back in the studio to work on new material . CARL: Yes, there will be a lot of shows and new music being released from us. We will continue to work hard and create great music to share with the world. This is what we love doing so you can expect to see a lot more from us. AARON: 100% plenty more live shows to come and just stayed tuned it’s going to be an experience. EDEN: For us, it is important to keep the ball rolling and continue to create music and develop our sound. There will be plenty shows and a lot more content and new music coming from us so enjoy the journey.

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