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Blxck Miller shares all new track Eviction Notice and talks his journey , new music and more

Wavy rapper Blxck Miller skyrockets to the spotlight with his impressive debut. The south London born and bred artist formerly known as D Simple made heavy waves with his winning streak of music so far. With popular singles such as : Intro , Witness Statement, Little Black Boy, God over grime, Beautiful Lie, featuring on Evanjo 's single About That and more. The bossy feel good and confident energy heard through his epic flow and delivery makes miller a hot prospect for the future. knowing how to do it all. rhyme, story tell, a punchy aura and is smooth on the mic with his powerful and suave lyrics.

After gaining radio play on national prime time station KISS FM on the Ellie Prohan show, appearing on X ANIMA's SESSIONS series, we caught up the UK wordsmith to talk all things music, his current single Eviction Notice and what's coming up next for him this year.

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1) Blxck Miller it’s nice to have you feature. You just released Eviction Notice How does it feel to have the track out there?

BLXCK: it feels amazing to have released eviction notice! It came from a real

place, and I wanted that to come across in the song. Having made music for

several years, it surprised me just how much we can still be victim of our own

mindset and overthinking. So, eviction notice was about serving notice to myself

to ‘get out of my own head’ and release.

2) Could you share as a songwriter what themes are within the song?

BLXCK: The themes in this song are mainly based on procrastinating,

overthinking, and overcoming self-doubt. The whole song is based on

overcoming the mindset of one who has spent too much time in this space.

3) Moving up in your music career, who are some of your inspirations and what

type of music did you grow up with?

BLXCK: I love lo-fi mellow conscious music. Long way home journeys type of

music. Some of my fav artists are Isaiah Rashad, Alfa mist and more. Usually, I

listen to most instrumental jazz music and take inspiration from the

feeling/connection I have with that type of sound, then I try to recreate this.

4) You released so many wonderful tracks, like intro, little black boy, witness

statement and many more. What are your Top 3 favourites?

BLXCK: I can honestly say I have no real favourite! Lol I rarely release music so

the little I do release, I am usually 100% happy with aha!

5) If you could collaborate with any artist and producer on a near future project

who would they be and why?

BLXCK : I’d love to collaborate with Alfa Mist! Life long goal of mine!

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Any live shows or maybe you’ve got

an EP loading or more music videos ?

BLXCK: Keep an eye out for another release In May, and another in June- July. I will likely

create a video for my next release so have that to look forward to.

For more you can follow Blxck Miller on Twitter and Instagram


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