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Dylan Allura debuts her spectacular music video to new single Allure. The rising star shares how it went down and more

She's a phenomenal talent and we adore her so much. British R&B soul singer Dylan Allura returns with an amazing track called Allure. The soft, sultry and potent song with meaningful lyrics is a triumph to Allura's song writing skills and her soaring voice. This is the first soundtrack of the year from Dylan whose already gifted to the world numerous popular singles such as : I know you want love, Angels and her impressive EP Libertine just to name a few.

We got chance to chat more about the mid tempo number and with the artist herself about what it was like making the single. Dylan also released an astonishing music video for the single. Brought to you from Nostars Studios. The symbolic and abstract video was shot by Allura herself with assistance from Director of Photography Pep and edited by Akash Amaru and features a romantic and bold and playful visual. Dylan shares with us how her and producer Marcus Beatz made such an impressive single, her creative direction for the music video and also shares wisdom for those who want to pursue a career in music or entertainment. Allura also talks about her upcoming music this year.

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  1. Welcome back Dylan. We truly love and adore the new single Allure. How did the song first come about?

Dylan: Hi guys! I love the song too, I wrote this song last year May, I had the word “allure” in my mind for a while and I know I wanted to write a song about the allure of material possessions and status in modern day relationships.

2. You teamed up with producer Marcus Beatz on this record. what was it like working with him and how was the recording process? 

Dylan : I brought it to Marcus Beatz who’s worked on production with a number of well known UK artists so I had a lot of confidence in what we could create, and he brought the song into a new realm. The version I wrote on guitar was very moody and a bit sadder, and he came up with the idea to make it brighter to match my voice. We spent a lot of time focusing on my vocals too which a lot of producers can sometimes push to the side so I was appreciative of that. 

3) What do you hope listeners gain from listening to the song and to you as an artist?

Dylan : I hope listeners can hear the ways in which I can feel comfortable within different styles and genres, I am constantly trying to evolve as an artist and a singer. I also think listeners will see the progression from my earlier songs compared to this release.

4)  You shot an outstanding music video for Allure, what was it like working on set, did you have any visions towards the final product ?

Dylan : This was my first music video with a team and directed by me so it was all pretty daunting. I kind of learnt everything as I went along. I also came up with the creative direction and I’m happy with how it turned out. 

5) What advice would you give new creatives around the world or those who want to pursue a career in music ?

Dylan : The thing I always think about are the obstacles along the way whether they be real or mental obstacles, you kind of have to overcome them and just have laser focus on what you want to achieve. I think listening to people who’s opinion you respect is important, but also to block out the negative opinions that inevitably come to you along the way. Not everyone is going to like what you’re doing but there will be a whole other bunch of people that love what you’re doing and I think that’s the most important thing. 

6)  Finally, What’s coming up next from you. Could we look forward to more music videos, covers and any live shows coming up ?

Dylan:  I’m releasing a new song in March along with a music video, this will be very different to what has been released for Allure, but I’ll be showing another side to me as an artist which is going back to my roots as an acoustic singer in my bedroom. 

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