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Demi Michelle talks winning big at the ISSA Awards and her upcoming new album in 2024

Pittsburgh's very own Demi Michelle makes a triumphant return as she details the prestigious International Singer Songwriter Awards which happened last week. The award winning pop country singer and songwriter earned the bronze award at the grand event that celebrating music professionals and artists from across the United states of America. Demi stopped on by to share more about her award, what it was aliked being at such an amazing awards show and more. With albums Dear Diary and It is what it is out the way it's only right she gives more insight | into her upcoming project and she also shares wisdom from her experience in the music industry and shares her wisdom and advice to emerging artists coming up in the game.

Stream It Is What It Is available on Apple Music, Youtube Music and Deezer

1) Hey Demi, it’s amazing to hear from you, how have you been?

Demi: I’ve been doing fantastic. This year has given me so many memorable and

magical moments, and I’m really excited to see what the rest of 2023 has in store for me.

2) Your album ‘It Is What It Is’ won big at the ISSA Awards in Atlanta USA.

How did that moment feel when you found out you won the bronze award?

Demi:Oh, my gosh. I don’t even know where to start. That was honestly one of the

best moments of my whole life. When I found out I was a finalist in five

categories, I was over the moon. I attended the awards feeling grateful to be

there and had no expectations. All the finalists in my categories were just as

deserving as me, and I felt lucky to be among such talent.

So, imagine my surprise when my name got called for the bronze award for

USA Female Album of the Year. I promptly burst into tears. One second, I was

sitting there, and the next, my eyes were literally waterfalls. One of the songs

on It Is What It Is, “Halfway Outta This Town,” started playing while my

winning video appeared on the screen during my walk to the stage. Hearing

my song and everyone cheering for me only made me cry harder. I was a total


Somehow, I pulled myself together enough to accept my award. Since I wasn’t

expecting to win, I didn’t write a speech. I made one up on the spot, and since

I was a mess in a state of utter shock, I don’t know how I managed to say a

thing. Standing on the stage and giving my first acceptance speech felt like

something out of a dream. Once I got back to my seat, I kept looking at my crystal, trying to comprehend it was mine. I still can’t believe it’s mine. I’m so, so grateful to have won my

first music award for a project close to my heart.

3) What did you take from your win, were there any lessons that others can

learn about the industry?

Demi: I love this question! Winning my first music award definitely made me realize

several things I hope will inspire other songwriters and indie artists. First, a huge

factor for me was remaining persistent. I released my debut single in November

of 2019, so it took almost four years to reach such a special milestone. Being

presented with my award gave me validation that my hard work is starting to pay

off. Getting to where I am now took a ton of time, and I faced countless obstacles

along the way.

Still, I kept chasing my song writing dreams, and that led me here.

If you love music and have a passion for being a songwriter and artist, never give

up. I went from no one knowing my name to having my music recognized at a

prestigious awards show, and the same could happen for you.

Also, this whole experience made me fully realize that winning music awards isn’t

only for mainstream songwriters and artists. I grew up watching the GRAMMYs,

American Music Awards, and many more. From red carpets to acceptance

speeches, I remember thinking how awesome it’d be to attend music awards.

Still, when I started releasing music as an indie artist, I believed I’d never get the

chance to do so because I’m not mainstream. Discovering the International

Singer Songwriters Association and ISSA Awards proved my assumptions wrong.

The ISSA Awards reflected the major awards shows I’ve watched on TV,

complete with a red carpet, professional photography, interviews, and of course,

the awards ceremony itself. So, to all the indie artists out there, join the ISSA if

you haven’t yet because the community is a gift and you may get the chance to

experience the awards for yourself. I could go on and on, but I’ll wrap up with one more. Always, always be authentic. I say this a lot, but it’s so true. While I was writing It Is What It Is, I discovered my love for being a multi-genre artist. I created a project that blends different styles.

I’ve been told to stick to one genre, and that my music is all over the place, and

lots of other things that hurt. For a while, I started to believe those things, and

wondered if I should only write contemporary pop music and put myself into a

genre box. In the end, I thought, you know what? I’m going to create the music I

want to create. Being an indie artist gives me the freedom to be authentically me

without conforming to someone else’s ideas of who I should be. Following my

heart and staying true to myself led to my first music award. So, I truly hope this

inspires others to tune out the voices and make authentic music. If I would’ve let

the criticism get to me, I wouldn’t be an award-winning songwriter right now.

4) Let’s talk about your new album coming soon in 2024. What can listeners

and fans look forward to?

Demi : Wow, where to start! This new project is my favourite collection of songs yet. At

the moment, I have seven songs. I’m considering adding an eighth, but I’ll

make my decision once I finish recording all the songs. I’m getting very close

to this point.

My plan is to release singles leading up to the full album. All the songs are

ones I’ve written over the past two years. Since I’m always writing, I selected

the songs that best fit the album’s concept, which centers around using my

voice unapologetically. I feel like I’ve bottled up a lot, and it’s a relief to finally

be writing about these things. Even though the album is extremely personal,

every song focuses on a universal message. This is a vulnerable piece of my

story, and surprisingly, I don’t feel nervous to share it. Still, that might change

once next year rolls around.

5) In comparison to your other album and EP, what will be different about this

new project?

Demi: The biggest difference is the topics explored in the songs. I’ve written about

concepts and experiences I never have before, so lyrically, it’s a very fresh project. Also, it’s extremely direct. My Butterflies will be getting a bold, sassy, and

vocal Demi on this one. Start preparing now!

I feel like It Is What It Is was the perfect stepping stone to get me from Dear Diary

to this new album. Even though I’ve returned to my pop roots for the album, there

are definitely other genre flavors, since I’ve embraced being a multi-genre artist.

One of the songs, “Passive Aggressive,” which will be a single I can’t stop talking

about on social media, is an edgy pop-rock song, a total first for me. I love all my

songs, but this one? I’ve reached a level of complete obsession. All I have at the

moment is the rough recording from the studio, and it’s pure gold. See? I’m going

off again!

Overall, I think the album is a great representation of my evolution over these

past four years, both as a songwriter and person. I’ve gotten to draw on new life

experiences, both good and toxic, and since I’ve grown as a songwriter, I feel like

I’m at a place where I’m telling my story in the most authentic way. During Dear

Diary, I was still new to the craft of songwriting and the recording process. During

It Is What It Is, I stepped out of my contemporary-pop comfort zone and explored

other genres, while also expanding my lyrical horizon. Now, working on this new

album, I feel much more confident about who I am as a songwriter and what I

want to achieve with my music. I’m grateful for my first two projects because

they’ve led me here, and I can’t wait to share these new songs next year.

6) Finally, What’s coming up next from you this year, more music videos in

the works or maybe going on tour?

Demi: I’m delighted to share that I'll be releasing my fourth original Christmas single

this holiday season. It’s called “Tinsel Heart,” and I’m holly jolly excited for this

one. Since I’ve been working so hard on writing and recording the album this

year, I didn’t release much music. I’m looking forward to giving everyone

another Christmas song to tie the bow on an amazing year.

As far as videos or touring, nothing is in the works at the moment. Still, I’m

having a photo shoot soon for the album, and my goal is to finally do a music

video next year. I’ve had professional lyric videos made, but I’ve never filmed

a music video. Since I’m on my third project, I feel it’s time to try and make

that happen. It’d be amazing to have a video to go along with the album

release. I’ll definitely keep everyone in the loop on my socials and website.

Thank you so much for interviewing me about my ISSA Awards experience

and upcoming album. I loved this opportunity, and I’m forever grateful for your


To find out more follow Demi Michelle on Twitter and Instagram

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