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Spotlight: Visual Artist Michael Mhlanga returns with new art, new vision and updates us on more

Bursting with life, flow and energy is South African fine artist Michael Mhlanga. The diligent and gifted arts man returns to us for a catch up after a lengthy hiatus with him away creating a multitude of works, creations and selling art pieces which he fills us in about. Michael joins us to share an update on how life has been since the early days and how much Ahe has grown as an artist. He also shares his choice of favourite pieces, South Africa 's booming art scene and more.

1. Mike, it’s been a while but it’s been a fantastic run for you once we last spoke, how’ve you been?

MICHAEL: Thanks for having me, I’ve been doing okey brother, going and growing, it has been quite a good growth lesson journey, I Improved some parts and the numbers on my socials has since been escalating by a term.

2. You’ve been creatively doing so well, appearing in national newspapers, on radio and more. How would you describe your growth so far as an artist?

MICHAEL: Its really and honestly been such a humbling experience, its an experience a young Michael never could have imagined, I’m always grateful to God for all the experiences and I Believe my focus, determination, faith and prayer has been that much of a huge impact on the growth, I’ve since grown from working on smaller canvases to big ones and have since also tried other mediums to test myself, my working time also has since improved.

3. You’ve been selling art, making more art and doing so well. What are your hopes for the new year?

MICHAEL: I’ve really been trying and pushing over the terms and seasons and all I’m praying and hoping for this year is to do the same, only with a bit more of the confidence, a bit more of the focus and more of the consistency, I believe the rest will just be results coming from those actions, my biggest hope is not to create to sell locally only, but to sell overseas too, I’m hoping to boost my online store also with more pieces and categories, I’m planning to add merchandise from a few of the pieces to accommodate almost everyone.

4. Now you’ve created some mind-blowing art pieces. What have been your most favourite art piece that you’ve created and why ?

MICHAEL: Thank you for the Complements, I’m going to be honest I’m nothing

without the influence from my fan base and everyone following my craft, the

inspiration is from all of them and I’m grateful for all of them, it’s hard to pick

a favourite piece because all of them have a unique and society relatable story,

inspiration, education and just information, But if I had to pick one , It would

really be NOMFUNDO

(Read from Store : ) , It’s a beautiful piece

about “Giving” with a story of a of a girl who has nothing and no one. And lives

in the streets, her only wish is to get education and food, so every morning

school break she stands by school gates with her school bag and Plate hoping

to be called in for lessons and food.

(Fictional story) I created it not to inspire any sadness but to inspire someone to give and spread the love more, if anybody comes across a Nomfundo they should help.

5. Creativity from the African continent has been booming over the years. What is one of the things that you hope viewers and buyers alike take from your art and also South African artists?

MICHAEL: South African or rather African Artists as a whole have really been up

and rising to tell their unique stories and emotions and messages from every

piece and style and my personal favourite thing that most do is they tell their

originality in the most unique and beautiful way possible, Africa has always

been that much of a heaven of greatness, What I noticed is that people are

taken by the stories I share, the information I share and the education I plant

out there with their own peculiar beauty and I believe that is what has been

getting me noticed.

6. What’s next for you, any pop-up stores or more radio shows?

MICHAEL: I’m working on pushing the store more and to push numbers on my

socials, and creating more pieces for the world to see and explore, I’m open to

any group exhibitions or just any form of exhibitions and I’m looking forward

to inspiring the world even more and more over. I will be accepting any good

opportunity and making sure it doesn’t only be out there but inspiring other

young artists watching my craft.

For more follow Michael Mhlanga on Twitter and Instagram

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