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Layal channels growth and love on new song Blueprint. She speaks on the project strangemas and more

We return with another entry by London's own Layal. The ear-catching soul singer and writer brings into play her nurturing single, Blueprint. Inspired by the journey of love, unity and evolvement of family ties and relationships. The experimental, light-toned trap grounded track is one with a distinct sound and blossoming lyrical skills. The Egyptian-born artist has toured across the country with notable appearances on station platforms like BBC Introducing and the recipient of the Youth Music Outstanding Music Act Award.

Talking more on her new track Blueprint he notes " This song reflects on the growth of my relationship with my mother. How we’re at the point we’re at today, the safe space we’ve given each other. In this single, I want to project that love and give back to her.". We had the chance to chat more on her song as she joined us to also share her back story, her new materials out later this month and her inspirations Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse.

Click here to stream Blueprint. CC: Tobias Redding

1. Layal welcome, your latest single ‘Blueprint’ is a heartfelt and quality song of appreciation could you tell a little about it?

Layal: Blueprint talks about the growth of a relationship between two people. It talks about their journey from being distanced to how they grew together. It's about not letting your ego stop you from feeling your emotions. There's nothing wrong with some emotions!

2. You feature dark, ominous trap-inspired sound on this track, what was the process when composing this experimental piece?

Layal: Blueprint actually went through a few changes. Initially, I wrote it for a drum & bass track with a much faster tempo but because of other reasons as well it didn't work out. Later when I started working with Shaxmadeit & Strangemas we took a more R&B approach to it but it still felt like something was missing. So we started from scratch with the mindset that we wanted to make something different, more experimental. The lyrics worked well with the beat once we changed a few things & it fit perfectly!

3. Blueprint is a powerful track and we are sure that it will resonate with many listeners. What do you hope that this record we highlight overall?

Layal: I guess the message in Blueprint is that a strong relationship will take a long time to build & solidify & that we should trust the process of these things & not rush it or make up our own conclusions. This becomes so much easier when you put your ego to the side and let your walls down a bit to let others love you & get to know you & what makes you, you & vice versa of course.

4. It’s an impressive new start to the new year with your sound. You’ve been around the airwaves and with previous songs released. Tell us did your career start?

Layla: That's such a difficult question but I think Erykah Badu & Amy Winehouse do influence me a lot. I'm so inspired by their music & their bold characters as well. They made a sound that's so unique to them & recognisable & that's something I'd like to achieve as well.

5. You describe your music in a similar path as other acts like Greentea Peng and Nayana IZ .

As an artist, singer, and writer which artists sounds were a prime example for you while on the come up musically?

Layal: This year I'm going to be recording and releasing more music hopefully! I have one single coming out this month called Flowers Bloom. I'm also focusing on doing more gigs, so far I have a gig at The Golden Lion in Bristol on the 23rd of this month.

6. Is there anything else you want to say? haha

Layal: Thank you so much again for having me!

For more from Layal follow her for updates online on Instagram and stream more music via Spotify .


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